Euro Fert SA was established in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria, in 1999. The year after, in consortium, it acquired a 51% stake of the capital of Neochim Plc – the nation`s largest producer of nitrogen-based fertilizers. For a short period of time, the company managed to take the leadership position in the market for fertilizers in Bulgaria. It managed to do so through a distribution network with a national coverage and by applying flexible trade policies and schemas, which were in response to the increased needs of the Bulgarian farming industry. Euro Fert SA is still one of the main shareholders of the fertilizers’ producer.
Euro Fert SA is a company with a one-tier management system, led by a three member Board of Directors. The company is represented by an Executive Director.

Euro Fert’s priorities are to keep and improve the company`s positions in the market for chemicals, particularly fertilizers; as well as to optimize the entire organization of its markets and services. Our efforts are directed towards an increase in the yield of agricultural production and a more effective contribution to the development of modern farming in the country.
Euro Fert SA strives for a sustainable and successful development, focusing upon the following principles:
  • Guaranteed high quality of the products and services of the company, in order to completely satisfy customer needs
  • Unceasing improvement and enrichment of our product lines, guided by market needs
  • Active cooperation with trade associations and higher education institutions in the field of agribusiness as an element of our social responsibility for a better future
  • Environmental responsibility


Let our land produce more!